BBCAN Community Engagement
Organized, Supported or Sponsored by BBCAN. See our slide show.

note: BBCAN Board/Committee meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm at River Bend Manor. (map) Interested residents are encouraged to attend.


VIA Support (2018-2019)

BBCAN provides assistance to the City of West Sacramento Via Rideshare program by actively disseminating information to our community. See more information here.

Senior Resource Fair (May 2018)

sponsored by the City and BBCAN. Read about it here

National Night Out (August 2017)

A great time supporting Yolo Housing at Las Casitas. see the slides

Connecting Neighbors survey day (July 2017)

The City, assisted by BBCAN and volunteers from the community, conducted a short survey of residents from the barge canal through the north part of West Sacramento. The City wants to learn how citizens are connected to people, places, and events as it applies to information, mobility and the internet See the slides

Big Day of Giving (May 2017)

You helped us make our community better. Thank you to all who contributed to BBCAN.

Senior Resource Fair (May 2017)

Our big event for seniors, their caregivers and families. Great turnout... lots of networking... so much good information. more info

Age Friendly Community meeting (April 2017)

City of West Sacramento enlisted the help of BBCAN to hold a meeting specifically to gain input from the residents of Bryte and Broderick. The meeting was held in the Bryte Culinary Academy. See a flyer.

Senior Technology Report (January 2017)

Two of our BBCAN board members attended the national 2017 Consumer Electronic Show to learn about technology that can benefit our residents, particularly our older population. See the short report here.

Age Friendly Community Town Hall (October 2016)

BBCAN supports and participates in the event. See the photos.

National Night Out (August 2016)

BBCAN and Yolo County Housing at Las Casitas held the event on August 2. Food, fun and information for all ages! See the photos.

BBCAN Fireworks Fundraiser (July 2016)

A successful collaboration with Relay for Life. See photos here.

Senior Resource Fair (May 2016)

A big success. See a slide show here.

Senior Home Improvement Project (began November 2015)

BBCAN's Senior Home Improvement Project- a collaboration between BBCAN, Habitat for Humanity and West Sacramento Code Enforcement. See the photos here.

Code For Hood Youth Hackathon (September 2015)

BBCAN Board members volunteered to assist with this amazing day for everyone involved. See a slide show of the event here This program, through HackerLab in Sac, brings STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) to disadvantaged and low-income youth. 2.5 days of workshops and hackathon goodness. Learn. Make. Create coding, 3D drawing, engineering, electronics, entrepreneurship, & more!

National Night Out (August 2015)

BBCAN and Yolo County Housing partnered once again for a successful National Night Out at Las Casitas. See the photos here!

Summer Music Camp (July-August 2015)

BBcan sponsored, with the City of West Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department, another summer music camp for youth 7-16. They learned to play instruments and presented a performance at the end of the camp. See photos here

Fireworks Sale (July 2015)

BBCAN partnered again this year with Boosters for International Gymnastics (B.I.G.) to sell fireworks in the Arteaga's shopping center on Sacramento Avenue. We raffled off the Backyard Barrage Assortment worth $159 and two tickets to a River Cats game. This is one of our major fundraisers for the year.

West Sacramento built a playground!! (May 2015)

Disney, Kaboom and West Sacramento joined forces to build a playground in Bryte Park. More than 400 volunteers from the West Sacramento community helped give more than 12,000 West Sacramento area kids the childhood they deserve by building a new playground. What a day!! You can see some photos of the event here.

Senior Resource Fair (May 2015)

BBCAN in coalition with the West Sacramento Parks and Recreation welcomed local senior citizens and their families or caregivers to receive information that will enhance and support their daily living, health, transportation, and interests.

Spring Fling (March 2015)

BBCAN participates in Yolo County Housing event at Las Casitas. See the photos here.

Senior Shuttle support at City Council (December 2014)

BBCAN supported West Sac senior shuttle riders in their plea to City Council to continue the service. See photos. Letters of support and signed petitions were presented at the meeting. Read the letter of support by BBCAN and the petition and the News Ledger articles Our City was listening. See the October 24 Commission on Aging meeting (from minute 30.34) and the December 17 West Sacramento City Council meeting (from minute 53.00) where the seniors advocated for continuation.

Holiday Party (December 2014)

BBCAN holds Holiday Party for Riverbend residents and other seniors... with West Sacramento Historical Society.

City Cleanup Day (November 2014)

BBCAN Participates in City Riverbank Cleanup Day.

RiverBend Manor 50th anniversary (November 2014)

Yolo County Housing, BBCAN and the Historical society participated in the celebration. See the video on YouTube

The 7th Annual Fraud Awareness Fair (October 2014)

This free event at the City Hall Galleria was an opportunity for members of the community to learn how to recognize, avoid and report the latest financial scams. BBCAN was on the planning team.

National Night Out (August 2014)

Once again BBCAN partnered with Las Casitas - Yolo County Housing - to support an evening of fun and food! See the photos here.

Kids Summer Music Camp (July 2014)

What a great event with collaboration between the City of West Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department, the West Sacramento Music Academy and BBCAN. See the slide show.

Fundraiser Fireworks Sale (June-July 2014)

BBCAN collaborated with BIG (Boosters for International Gymnastics) to sell fireworks as a fundraiser for their organizations. This year our stand was located on Arteaga's Supermarket parking lot at the corner of Sacramento and Kegle in West Sacramento. You can see the results of our collaboration..

Senior Resource Fair (May 2014)

BBCAN in coalition with the West Sacramento Parks and Recreation welcomed local senior citizens and their families and caregivers to receive information that enhances and supports their daily living, health and interests. Over 40 organizations displayed their information watch a slide show.

BBCAN Board's Community Involvement (May 2014)

BBCAN Board Member elected to the California Senior Legislature (Assembly). photos

AARP Tax Aide Program assists residents (2014)

From the program District Coordinator for Yolo County AARP/TaxAide:   'Again this year we assisted a remarkable 145 at Riverbend Manor in West Sacramento. This is truly remarkable for only our second year there. The program brought $1,172,186.00 to Yolo County, $138,882.00 to West Sacramento. 75% of our clients were 60 or over. We do seem to have served the clientele that AARP/TaxAide aims to serve. These numbers do not include California refunds, which the IRS does not track. Our volunteers are very proud of the work they do, and grateful to have such a terrific place to do it.' See the the flyer.

Neighborhood Improvements (ongoing)

City of West Sacramento responds: Intersection Safety Concerns;   Elkhorn Park drinking fountain;    Hazardous Curb at Community Center;

City Historical Survey (January - March 2014)

BBCAN, in partnership with the West Sacramento Historical Society, began taking site inventory of homes and vacant lots in the Washington Historic District. The completed survey, with photographs, will be used by the City of West Sacramento to help establish policies for this historical area. Twelve volunteers walked the area, took photos and recorded information needed by the city. Read more on the City website.

Christmas Food Basket Delivery (December 2013)

BBCAN volunteers assisted Yolo County Housing in delivering food boxes to residents of Las Casitas and River Bend Manor. See the photos here.

Covered California Enrollment Event (December 2013)

In the West Sacramento City Hall Galleria trained staff from regional agencies answered questions, pre-screened, set up accounts, and provided computer, paper or phone enrollment assistance. see the flyer and the photos

Tobacco Prevention Panel (November 2013)

BBCAN was asked to participate in the Yolo County Health Department Communities of Excellence tobacco prevention panel to assess progress and provide comments and recommendations.

Veterans Day Parade (November 2013)

We had a great Veterans Day Parade!! See some photos and the local press coverage. Thank you to everyone who watched, planned, managed, assisted, and participated in the parade.

Covered California Informational Presentation (October 2013)

BBCAN arranged for presentation to Elderly Nutrition Program lunch attendees at Riverbend Manor. (photo)

6th Annual Fraud Awareness Fair (October 2013)

BBCAN was on the planning team for the fair, sponsored by the Yolo County District Attorney's office.

3rd Annual Multicultural Event (October 2013)

Community organizations and vendors participated in our exciting and colorful annual event for the entire family at San Pedro Park in Bryte. See the photos.

National Night Out (August 2013)

We had a good time at National Night Out at Yolo County Housing - Las Casitas. See the photos here

Communities of Excellence State Survey (completed July 2013)

The Sactown Heroes (STH), a youth committee part of the Bryte and Broderick Community Action Network have partnered with the Yolo County Health Department to introduce survey findings to local store owners from the 2011 Communities of Excellence State Survey.

KIDS Simmer Music Camp (July 2013)

Such fun for all involved. BBCAN, the West Sac Parks and Recreation Dept, and the West Sacramento Music Academy supported a KIDS Music Camp at Elkhorn School. See the photos here.

Fireworks (July 2013)

BBCAN collaborated in a very successful fundraiser fireworks stand at the Southport Town Center. Thanks to our partners- West Sacramento Historical Society and Boosters for International Gymnastics - and all of our volunteers who spent their time supporting us on some very hot days!. You can see the photos here

Mandala Art Project by Yolo Arts(June 2013)

BBCAN supports and participates in the Mandala Art Project. A new, exciting community art project in West Sacramento: See the display at the West Sacramento Farmers Market in the summer of 2013.

BBCAN recognized for volunteerism and youth service. (May 2013)

Read more about it here.

Senior Resource Fair (May 2013)

Information to enhance and support seniors' daily living, health and interests. Exhibitors provided information about Medicare, current legislation affecting seniors, free telephone program, senior fraud and scams, peer counseling, Cal Fresh, home remodeling opportunities, transportation options, and much more. Free shuttle to the event was provided. Watch the slide show.

BBCAN Community Meeting (April 2013)

See what we have been doing and what we are planning: Veterans Parade, Multicultural Fair, National Night Out, Senior Events, and much more. Learn how you can be involved and informed and let us know your ideas. Meet the folks who volunteer to make your community an even better place to live.

Washington/Broderick Resident meeting (March 2013)

BBCAN worked with the City of West Sacramento to reach out to the community to attend a workshop on neighborhood issues related to the City Washington Specific Plan. See the photo

BBCAN Meet-Up (March 2013)

See the photo here.

Senior Transportation (2013)

BBCAN continues to advocate and arrange for shuttle transportation for seniors from their homes to their destinations in collaboration with the Broderick Christian Center and the City of West Sacramento.

AARP Tax-Aide Program (Feb-April 2013)

BBCAN collaborated with program to assist with recruiting volunteers, publicizing program and securing location.

BBCAN Board's Community Involvement (Jan 2013)

BBCAN Board Member appointed to the Area 4 Agency on Aging Advisory Council. photo

BBCAN Board's Community Involvement (Jan 2013)

BBCAN Board Member graduates from Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute. photo

Urban Planning and Our Aging Population (December 2012)

BBCAN Senior Services Committee prepared a summary and recommendation document with supporting signatures and presented it to City planners. You can read the letter here.

BBCAN Board's Community Involvement (Nov 2012)

BBCAN Board Member elected to Washington Unified School District Board of Education.

5th Annual Fraud Awareness Fair (October 2012)

BBCAN participated in planning and marketing of the fraud fair with the Yolo County District Attorney's office. The fair was specifically for seniors, their families and their caregivers. See photos and YouTube Video by the Yolo Co DA's office.

Washington District Renaissance Meeting (September 2012)

BBCAN assisted the City of West Sacramento in community outreach for a meeting about the Washington District renaissance at Sal's Tacos in West Sac. The event was open to everyone who lives or works in the the area to share the plan for the neighborhood's revival.

HICAP Presentation (September 2012)

Medicare update presentation and discussion at River Bend Manor. Senior attendees learned about Medicare, how to find more information, and how it impacts them. See the flyer.

Communities of Excellence State Survey (2012)

The Sactown Heroes (STH), a youth committee part of BBCAN, have partnered with the Yolo County Health Department to introduce survey findings to local store owners from the 2011 Communities of Excellence State Survey.

Community Meeting. (September 2012)

Martin Tuttle, City Manager of West Sacramento, spoke about some of the issues the City is facing, and answered questions from residents. A representative from Yolo County Health Department reported on a 2011 healthy foods analysis in the Bryte and Broderick neighborhoods. Sactown Heroes spoke about their role in this project. More info

Multi Cultural Fair (September 2012)

Celebrate the Community - A Multicultural Neighborhood Fair. We had fun!!

Urban Farm Stand (spring, summer 2012)

BBCAN concluded another successful Farm Stand - this year located at River Bend Manor senior residence. See the photos.

National Night Out (August 2012)

A great time was had by all at our 2012 National Night Out.

Community Meeting (July 2012)

BBCAN sponsored and organized a meeting with residents and the West Sacramento Police Department (Code Enforcement, Traffic, Problem Oriented Policing - POP, and Neighborhood Watch) at River Bend Manor. See a photo.

Fireworks Fundraiser (July 2012)

We had a very successful 4th of July fireworks fundraiser.

Adult Co-ed and Youth Soccer Tournament and Family Fun Event in Bryte Park (June, 2012)

This was a fundraising event for the BBCAN Urban Farm Stand and Community Garden projects in Bryte and Broderick.

Fraud Awareness Campaign (2012)

BBCAN participated in development of a campaign for Senior Fraud Awareness with the Yolo County Commission on Aging Triad Subcommittee. As part of the campaign, several videos were made to be shown to seniors throughout Yolo County. See a snippet from one of the videos.

Community Meeting (May, 2012)

BBCAN hosts a Community Meeting on Tuesday, May 8 in the cafeteria at Riverbank Elementary School, 1100 Carrie Street, West Sacramento. The focus of the meeting is on education. Speakers include School Superintendent, Dayton Gilleland, Riverbank Principal Mike Woodcock, and Vice Principal Shamryn Cole. They provide an update and answer questions about modifications and beautification of Riverbank Elementary and about K-3 preparation at Riverbank Elementary School. The public is invited. Print a flyer

West Sacramento Historical Society Trip to Knights Landing (March, 2012)

BBCAN provided support for the trip, including engaging the seniors, providing publicity and arranging transportation.

Community Meetings (February, March, 2012)

Monthly meetings attended by BBCAN Board, Committee members and the community. Various topics and programs are presented. Meetings are generally held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6pm in River Bend Manor community room. The February meeting included a presentation by Bob Johnston from the City Parks Dept about the plans for Bryte Park. The March meeting included a presentation and Q and A about the homeless situation in West Sacramento (by Council Member Mark Johannessen) and a presentation about identifying areas in the Washington Specific plan (by UC Davis students). See the photos

Annual Meeting at River Bend Manor (January 2012)

Joint meeting with the West Sacramento Historical Society. see the photos

Community Engagement in WUSD policy discussion (January 2012)

BBCAN was invited to participate in community feedback meeting with Washington Unified School District regarding State mandated HIV and STD training for students.

Open House at River Bend Manor (January 2012)

BBCAN and the West Sacramento Historical Society (WSHS) have entered into an agreement with Yolo County Housing for a shared office space at River Bend Manor. This means a public office presence for BBCAN in the community and, for WSHS, an opportunity to share space with a collaborative partner following closure of the WSHS office at Jefferson and Merkley. The two organizations plan to present programs and volunteer opportunities at River Bend Manor, as well as activities that support the senior residents. Watch for more information to come. see the photos

Habitat for Humanity (January- February 2012)

Habitat's Brush with Kindness is in West Sacramento. BBCAN is collaborating in the recruitment and publicity. This is a great opportunity to get involved with your community and make a difference. Help us help our commmunity.

Senior Transportation Task Force: Ride-Along (December 2011)

The City of West Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department convened the Task Force earlier this year. Members include representatives from City staff, YoloBus, City Commission on Aging, BBCAN, and senior residents of West Sacramento. For one of the first Task Force activities, task force members and invited seniors participated in a 2 1/2 hour regular route bus ride around West Sacramento. The purpose was to experience the challenges and questions that may confront first time riders. See the photos.

BBCAN Supports River Bend Manor Tree Lighting Celebration (December 2011)

BBCAN brought cake and cheer to the annual tree lighting celebration at River Bend Manor following the noon ENP luncheon.

BBCAN Sets Up Office (November 2011)

BBCAN and the West Sacramento Historical Society (WSHS) entered into an agreement with Yolo County Housing for office space at River Bend Manor - 664 Cummins Way, West Sacramento. This means a public office presence for BBCAN in the community and, for WSHS, an opportunity to share space with a collaborative partner. (photo)

West Sacramento Multicultural Fair (October 2011)

A community event sponsored and planned by several organizations in West Sacramento, including BBCAN.

Urban Farm Stand (June- October 2011)

For a second year, BBCAN in collaboration with the Alchemist CDC and the SacTown Heroes, operated an Urban Farm Stand from June through October.

BBCAN Board's Community Involvement (2011)

BBCAN Board Member elected as president of the West Sacramento Historical Society Board of Directors. photo

Youth Summer Boxing Camp (August 2011)

BBCAN is a supporter of the West Sacramento Parks and Recreation's Youth Summer Boxing Training Camp for girls and boys ages 9 through 16. Camp occured from August 1 through 12 at Riverbank School. See Channel 13 coverage of the program here.

National Night Out (August 2011)

A great community event by BBCAN, the West Sacramento Historical Society and the Youth Resources Coalition with the support of the West Sacramento Police Department.

Regional Fraud Awareness Fair (July 2011)

Representatives from law enforcement, banking, licensing boards, health care, insurance associations, elected officials, senior advocacy groups and more were available to provide information and answer questions. BBCAN participated in the planning team and had a table at the fair.

Fund Raising Fireworks Sale (June-July 2011)

BBCAN was granted a license by the City as one of the non-profit organizations that can sell fireworks this year. BBCAN partnered with the West Sac Historical Society and the Youth Resource Coalition.

Flag Raising at YCHA Senior Residences (June 2011)

BBCAN Senior Services Committee was a key player in the project.

Development Grant Report to City Council (June 2011)

Summary of Bryte and Broderick Community Development Grant presented to City Council. See the video. Start at the 1:17:01 mark

Save the Bryte Post Office (May 2009 - June 2011)

Campaign launched to save the post office to prevent it from being added to the USPS closure list. Unfortunately, in spite of community efforts, the branch was closed in June 2011.

Senior Transportation Summit (May 2011)

A successful event held at the West Sacramento Community Center. Information about transportation options and contacts for seniors was presented, followed by a question and answer period and individual consultations.

West Sacramento Partners Event (May 2011)

On May 14, 2011, the organizations and associations that serve West Sacramento came together to strengthen their connections and leverage their abilities. The goal was to build relationships and share resources to create a stronger community.

Women's Soccer Fundraiser (May 2011)

All the proceeds go toward funding the local Broderick Urban Farm Stand (carried out by Alchemist CDC, Bryte and Broderick Community Action Network and the West Sacramento Youth Resource Coalition) and building gardens in Bryte/Broderick residents' yards (carried out by Sacramento Yard Farmers and the Always Growing (AG) Project).

Helping Hands Clean up Bryte/Alyce Norman parks and the Riverwalk (April 2011)

Over 900 people upgraded two West Sacramento Parks. WS citizens will participated in the Mormon Helping Hands project, partnering with the City of West Sacramento and BBCAN, to tackle projects such as: construction and repair of trails, spreading mulch, masonry repair, carpentry work and a wide variety of other projects and support assignments. See the Proclamation awarded by the City.

BBCAN Receives Community Award (April 2011)

On April 14, BBCAN was awarded the Civic Leadership Award for Community at the annual State of the City Address. BBCAN also received a Certificate of Recognition from the office of Senator Lois Wolk.

BBCAN E-Newsletter (ongoing)

Issued 25-30 times per year.r sign up for our mailing list.

BBCAN Meet Up (March 2011)

See What is a Meet Up? and a photo.

File of Life (March 2011)

BBCAN and WS Fire Dept collaborate on File of Life refrigerator magnet- specifically developed for seniors who may live alone or who are home bound. Provides information for emergency responders. see a sample

Free Check your Tires Month for Seniors (January - February 2011)

See the Flyer.

UCD Community Design Project and Workshops (October - November 2010)

BBCAN supported the UC Davis School of Landscape Design project to assess and make recommendations for public spaces in West Sacramento. The resulting projects displayed a wide range of creative and innovative ideas.

Family Literacy Coalition (2010 - 2011)

BBCAN Media Committee participated in the Coalition meetings and intiatives.

Triad - Action Arm of Yolo County Commission on Aging and Adult Services (2010 - 2011)

BBCAN Senior Services Committee participates in planning and implementation of Senior Fraud Awareness campaign.

Riverbank Cleanup (October 2010)

BBCAN, assisted by Cub Scout Pack 49 from West Sacramento, cleaned up trash and debris. See the flyer and the photos

Urban Farm Stand (May - October 2010)

In partnership with the Alchemist organization, SacTown Heroes, and the West Sacramento Youth Resource Coalition, BBCAN supports the first Urban Farm Stand in West Sacramento. Every Saturday- May through October - 10 am to 2 pm. Elkhorn Park. See the flyer

Urban Farm Stand Summer Festival (August 2010)

Summer Celebration in Elkhorn Park. Fruits and vegetables, arts and crafts, music, master gardener advice, and community information located throughout the park.

Bryte Time at the Movies (August 2010)

Sponsored by the City of West Sacramento Parks Dept; supported by BBCAN. more info

National Night Out (August 2010)

National Night Out (San Pedro Park event sponsored by BBCAN) was a good time for all that attended. The end of the evening featured Rafael Guzman and his group of young guitarists playing music under the stars. See the photos

Regional Fraud Awareness Fair (July 2010)

Representatives from law enforcement, banking, licensing boards, health care, insurance associations, elected officials, senior advocacy groups and more were available to provide information and answer questions. Barbeque dinner served by Ludy's Restaurant.

Bryte and Broderick Community Instutute Graduation (June 2010)

Celebrated our Learning Community: Your Stories - Key Learnings; BBCI Learning Community - The Next Phase; Certificate Ceremony - Honor and Celebrate each other.

Lisbon Firehouse Neighborhood Discussion (June 2010)

Sponsored by City of West Sac and BBCAN more info

WS Police Dept Community Meeting (May 2010)

Community outreach with BBCAN more info

Bryte and Broderick Community Institute: Part 6 (May 2010)

Part VI- Engaging Public Officials: meet your public officials and learn the best ways to communicate and take action. ..

West Sacramento City Levee Improvement Program (Apil and June 2010)

Community presentation about the West Sacramento Levee Improvement program in the City Hall Galleria. (co-sponsored by BBCAN)

Bryte Park Exhibition & Public Meeting #2 (April 2010)

Part 2 of Bryte Park Community Involvement. Professionally rendered concepts were presented based on the ideas and priorities from the Visioning Workshop in February. Residents identified preferred themes and ideas that will be the starting point for master planning.

Bryte and Broderick Community Institute: Part 5 (April 2010)

Part V- Conflict Transformation: How to turn our natural differences into constructive dialogue and positive results.

Meet-Ups (January and March 2010)

Community leaders and residents gather to discuss ideas and offer suggestions.

Bryte and Broderick Strategy Session (March 2010)

BBCAN Board and committee chairs, City of West Sacramento staff, SacTown Heroes and community leaders came together for a workshop to plan strategies for Bryte and Broderick.

California Indian Heritage Center Informational meeting (March 2010)

BBCAN planned and supported an informational meeting for residents of Bryte and Broderick and The Rivers. more info

Bryte and Broderick Community Institute: Part 4 (March 2010)

Part IV- Practical Applications for Resident Driven Projects

Bryte Park Design Planning (February 2010 - future)

BBCAN is working the City of West Sacramento to engage the community in the redesign and develpment of Bryte Park.

Bryte and Broderick Community Institute: Part 3 (February 2010)

Part III- How to Run Effective Meetings and Facilitate Groups .
Learn how you can be a part of this exciting program.

Free Tire Checks for Seniors (January - February 2010)

Les Schwab Tires and BBCAN sponsor Free Tire Checks for seniors in January and February. Quick, safe and easy!

BBCAN Toy Drive (December 2009)

BBCAN Community Relationships Committee held a December toy drive. . A Christmas party and toy distribution were held on December 19.

BBCI Meet-Up (December 2009)

Community members met to plan and discuss future training topics. photos.

Bryte and Broderick Community Institute: Part 2 (November 2009)

Part II- Projects and Programs. How to make projects and programs more effective through resident leadership .
Learn how you can be a part of this exciting program. see photos.

Senior Transportation Summit (November 2009)

West Sacramento's first Senior Transportation Summit was held in the City Hall Galleria on the morning of November 7. Approximately 55 people attended, including representatives from City, County and State Government. Participants arrived in cars, on the bus, on foot and bicycle and motorized scooter. photos.

Bryte and Broderick Community Institute: Part 1 (October 2009)

The First Asset: People. Getting and keeping people involved.

Riverbank Cleanup (October 2009)

About 40 volunteers worked on the morning of October 17 to pick up debris and trash along the riverbank in Bryte.

First Anniversary Celebration (October 2009)


Bryte Time at the Movies (September 2009)

Over 80 residents turned out for a movie in Bryte Park - first time offered at this location. The event was sponsored by the City of West Sacramento and BBCAN.

Grow Your Own Food Garden classes (August - September 2009)

Free Garden Workshop- start your winter garden. The goal is to get neighbors together to help each other establish food production in their backyards. We will come to your backyard and offer classes so.

National Night Out (August 2009)

A huge success! Hundreds of community members attended the event - sponsored by BBCAN Injunction/Police Relationships Committee

Riverbank School Beautification (June 2009)

Mosaic benches were completed at the school. photos.

Meet-Ups (May - September 2009)

BBCAG members held the Meet-Ups at LaBou, Starbucks and San Pedro Park. Community members dropped in, generated some great ideas, volunteered to help on specific activities, and learned who to contact about their issues.

Pool Tournament Fundraiser (April 2009)

See the flyer

Meet-Up #1 (April 2009)

BBCAG members held the first Meet-Up at LaBou. Ideas and feedback were offered by friends, neighbors and other interested persons who dropped in to chat or to volunteer. see the flyer.

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser (March 2009)

The Spaghetti Dinner was a fundraising and community building event with families and children. Thanks to WSYRC, BBCAG Police Relationships/Injunction Group and the Sactown Heros.

Neighborhood Cleanup with Bryte/Broderick Volunteers (March 2009)

BBCAG members participated in the Sac County and City Neighborhood Cleanup with West Sac PD Code enforcement.

Valentine Fundraising Raffle (February 2009)

See the photos

List of Senior Services (February 2009)

BBCAG volunteers developed a comprehensive list of senior services in West Sacramento.

Community Meeting (January 20'09)

Scheduled to review projects proposed by the community.

Free Senior Tire Checks (November 2008 - January 2009)

BBCAN partnered with Les Schwab Tires to offer free safety tire checks for Seniors. See the flyer

Meet and Greet West Sacramento Rookies (December 2008)

The Bryte and Broderick Community Action Group, Injunction and Police Relationship Subcommittee invited community residents to to get to know their rookie patrol officers and to bring donations for the last day of their BBCAG Christmas Drive. See the flyer.

Bryte and Broderick Christmas Drive (November - December 2008)

First annual canned food and warm clothes drive: a Bryte and Broderick Community Action Group/Subcommittee on Injunction/Police Relationship event, in partnership with our local businesses, the West Sacramento Police Department and the Broderick Christian Center. Read more in English and en español

Presentation to City Council (November 2008)

Senior Tire Safety (November 2008 - January 2009)

BBCAG and Les Schwab Tires sponsored Senior Tire Safety days. During November 2008 through January 2009, seniors can bring their cars into Les Schwab to have their flats repaired, and treads, rotation and tires checked free. Read more...

Community Meeting (October 2008)

Neighbors Fair Booth (October 2008)

BBCAG hosted a booth during the October 4, 2008 Neighbors Fair held at Riverwalk Parkway. Volunteers answered questions about group activities and encouraged West Sacramentans to mark where they lived on an enlarged map of the city.

BBCAG Website Launched (September 2008)

Our new website was launched and ready for public viewing.

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